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Meet The Team

Meet The Team is the passion project of husband and wife team Caleb and Jessica Johnson. Together, they have created this site, and continue to write informative and inspiring articles for your perusal.

They have a deep love for their religion, and work as part of their local Christian Church and community. 

Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson

Hi, my name is Caleb Johnson, and I am the creator of I live in Virginia, with my wonderful wife, Jessica, who is the co-creator of with me.

Having been part of a strong Christian family all of my life, I have always felt a deep connection to God. Going to Church is part of the daily grind, and something we have always done and enjoyed as a family. Now, I get to enjoy this with a family of my own.

In my younger years, I worked as a youth pastor, helping young people find their faith, and learn more about Christianity, so that they can engage with likeminded people within their community through the love of God.

What I loved most about this experience is how excited and involved people would get with the religion of Christianity, and I loved educating others on how to worship, volunteer, and help their neighbors. It really brings people together, and I only hope to continue to do so.

Today, I am a pastor in our local church. Jessica and I love to get involved with the people of our town, and help them learn more about our faith.

This is what inspired us to create this site. Here, you can find advice, Bible verses, snippets, and answers to all of your problems.If you are facing adversity, struggling with your faith, or finding obstacles in your path, this site can help you find the light. 

Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson

Hey! My name is Jessica. My husband Caleb and I met on a Christian Camp retreat when we were teenagers and have been inseparable ever since. Now, we have two wonderful boys of our own, and to this day strive to spread the word of God.

As we are both from Christian families, we find so much in common, and work as a united front to help others get the most out of their religion.

Now that our boys are a little older, I have gone back to work and am a High School English Teacher. I also run an after-school Christian Youth Club.

I love working with young people, much like Caleb. It is one of the most rewarding things that you can do.

Within our local area, there is a real Christian community, and we welcome all. I have actively helped my youth club students through tough times with some of the teachings of God.

This is what spurs me on to be the best version of myself- helping others.

That is what we want to do on this site. Myself and Caleb want to help you in any way that we can. So, if you want to reach out and learn more- please do! 


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