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About Us

About Morning By Morning

Today, our lives are so busy, hectic, and full of surprises. Life can often test you, and make you question your purpose. So, why do we turn to binge-watching TV shows and other vices, when we can find the answers we are looking for in the Bible?

Welcome to, where you can find Bible verses that can suit every situation. When we say every situation, we really mean it. We can help you discover your Christianity, and welcome God and his greatness into your life.

Being part of a Church is not just about religion. It brings people together, and helps them find the support they need to grow stronger and more faithful to their life’s intended path and purpose.

If you are looking for Bible verses about the goodness of God, God’s Glory, The Angels, or empowering verses to help you forgive, serve others, or gain a healthy relationship, then we have got you covered here at

Join us, in finding God’s way, and go on a journey to find your path and purpose in life. 

To meet the faces behind Morning By Morning, head to our Meet The Team page.